Sickle® Hooks

A History of Detailed Precision

From scrutinized tank-tested hard baits to the precise 43.405° bend of the Sickle® Hook, Matzuo® products are produced to the highest quality standards — standards others strive to match. The Sickle® Hook is another example of Matzuo’s innovation and commitment to provide anglers with technically advanced tackle of the finest quality. Precisely engineered, chemically sharpened and with macro-calibrated strength bends, these tournament tested hooks will never let you down no matter what you're fishing for.

Strength Bend

Ordinary hooks have a constant curve shaped like the letter “U.” Under strain, this curve straightens out much more easily than the Sickle® Hook’s “Strength Bend.” Consequently, the Sickle® Hook can be made from a finer wire, yet still remain as strong or stronger than common hooks. This allows faster penetration when setting the hook.

Matzuo Sickle hook showing Strength Bend and Angle BendAngle Bend

The acute “Angle Bend” below the hook point holds a fighting fish more firmly than regular hooks, vastly reducing the incidence of fish loss caused by the frantic struggle of gamefish.

Hook Styles

Matzuo® Sickle® hooks are available in a variety of styles including