Bottom Bouncers

Matzuo's Stand Up Floating Bouncer

Matzuo® introduces the first ever floating stand-up bottom bouncer that slides over rocks, timber and weeds as it floats freely in the upright position at all times... tension or no tension. The Stand Up Floating Bouncer includes a glass bead and premium swivel for even more freedom of movement. These new stand-up floating bouncers are available in three colors - Orange, Chartreuse and Black and in four weights from 1/2 oz up to 1-1/2 oz.

Matzuo's Fast Slide Clip Bouncer

Matzuo's Fast Slide Clip Bouncer is the newest concept in bottom bouncer fishing! This bottom bouncer glides over jagged rocks, weeds and timber and maintains the feel of every game fish on its end without the fish feeling the weight. It's designed for easy on/off, quick weight change and will slide freely on line up to 20 lb. test. The secret is the innovative Fast Slide Clip. Fast Slide Clip button pops up to expose the line groove - just slip it on the line - no knot tying! Close the Fast Clip and you're ready to go. The "Fast Slide Clip Bouncer" is available in five weights from 1/2 oz up to 2 oz.

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