Kinchou Minnow

Get Nervous... Kinchou Minnow is here!

The Matzuo® tournament staff has caused a "panic attack" in the hardbait market and everyone is nervous— especially the fish. The KINCHOU MINNOW launches its signature flared "bloody red" gills, high pitched rattle, and seductive curves and lip to create frenzied panic in the water that has never been witnessed before.

Shake, Rattle and Go

KINCHOU is everything you need; an aggressive diver with maximum "wobble action" covering the widest range of water depths from four to twenty feet— CRANK IT or deep water troll. This distressed beauty is perfectly balanced to float at rest or take off and dive when retrieved. Walleye, Bass, Pike and Salmon don't stand a chance and little brother "NANO" will pull in all the Crappie and Trout your boat can carry.


New Kinchou Shad, Pike-Muskie, Salmon and Saltwater modelsLooks ARE Everything!

Trophy fish know what they're looking for and KINCHOU has all the right looks in the most popular sizes— including the small but mighty 2-1/4 inch "NANO" all the way up to the 7-1/2 inch Saltwater and Pike/Muskie models. Seductive body, lips and "voice" combined with flared bloody red gills make these attractive beauty baits a tackle box keeper.

Kinchou Cousins

Kinchou means "nervous" in Japanese and that's just how our latest addition to the family, the Pike/Muskie Minnow, behaves right before it's devoured by the biggest, baddest trophies. We've also created an inshore and offshore frenzy this year with the Kinchou Minnow Saltwater series and the NEW Kinchou Minnow Salmon in authentic salmon-loving colors.