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At ICAST 2016, the fishing industry's premier sportfishing trade show, Matzuo America® unveiled four new and exciting fishing products, set to hit retail stores in Spring of 2017. Adding to it's existing stellar lineup of affordable, tournament quality tackle is the Zander Shad, the Tatsumaki hard bait, the Weedless Sickle Jig and the all-new Cutter Sickle Jig.


For years, the Zander Shad has been one of Matzuo America’s® most popular and effective baits. This all-purpose jerkbait has been a staple of anglers targeting Zander and Walleye. At ICAST 2016, Matzuo unveiled the Zanda, a new take on this old favorite, which brings together the best and most effective elements of past Zander Shad generations and combines them with all-new features to deliver a lure that is bound to be an essential weapon in any angler’s arsenal.

Listening carefully to fishermen, the Matzuo pro staff, and the brand’s product testers, Matzuo set out to identify what worked and what could be improved on the Zander Shad. After close examination of that feedback, a series of improvements and additions were made and then tirelessly tested for effectiveness, in the end resulting in the new and improved Zanda jerkbait.

Matzuo added a dorsal fin along the back of the body of the bait, a feature brought back from the first generation of the Zander Shad. The addition of this dorsal fin results in a tighter, less-erratic wobble and more life-like swim pattern through the water. In addition, a host of new, highly reflective prism colors were added to the lineup, including exclusive custom colors designed specifically for the Zanda by respected lure designer and painter Todd Leopardi.

The Zanda’s hooks have received an upgrade as well, adding Matzuo Angle Grip XX Strong Treble hooks along the body. These hooks have a shorter shank, and wider gap for stronger and higher hook-up percentages. The larger baits have a third set of Angle Grip XX Strong Treble hooks at the front, resulting in an increased chance of hooking from strikes at any angle, while not affecting the action.

Like its predecessors, the Zanda will be offered in both a deep diving depth perfect for trolling, as well as in a suspending shallow diver for casting. Each will now be available in sizes 9 and 11 for the 2017 fishing season.


The new Tatsumaki hard bait, which translates to Tornado in Japanese, is a topwater bait with spinning tail action that produces disruption on the surface to attract all types of game fish. This new topwater bait features through-wire construction and super sharp Matzuo treble hooks and is available in 5/8 oz. and comes in eight colors.



Matzuo will also release the titanium Weedless Sickle Jig in 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. with a strong, yet pliable titanium weed guard to minimize snags. These jigs feature Matzuo’s signature super-sharp Sickle Hooks, which penetrate easily as the Sickle technology enables the hook to lock-in the fish’s mouth for improved hook up percentages. They work equally well with live bait and soft plastics, providing versatility for fisherman of all skill sets and styles.



Matzuo will also release the all-new Cutter Sickle Jigs at this year’s ICAST. The unique, hydrodynamic head shape of the Matzuo Cutter Sickle Jig makes it the perfect jig for fishing areas of heavy current or weed cover. Unlike a round head, our head shape deflects the current rather than fighting it, allowing you to fish lighter weight than a standard round shape allows. The Cutters are outfitted with Matzuo’s signature super-sharp Sickle Hooks, which penetrate easily and effectively pin in the fish’s mouth against the notched bend of the hook. Available in 6 sizes (1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz. and 7/8 oz.) and eight vivid, chip-resistant colors.

Matzuo's new Zanda, Tatsumaki, Weedless Sickle Jig and Cutter Sickle Jig will be available for the 2017 fishing season.