Matzuo Baits and Lures


Matzuo America® has combined the latest advances in technology with the knowledge and experience of our prostaff to bring you the finest, most innovative series of tournament baits that we have ever created.

Matzuo Hooks


Matzuo® Hooks Don't Let Go! Our world famous hooks that include the massively popular Sickle® hook, are precisely engineered and chemically sharpened with macro-calibrated strength bends. These tournament tested hooks will never let you down no matter what you're fishing for.

Matzuo Jigheads


Matzuo® offers a wide range of jigs in assortment bulk packages, akai jigheads and rattlling tube jigheads, all equipped with chemically sharpened Matzuo® Black Chrome hooks.


Matzuo® has an endless offering of rigs no matter what specie or body of water you're fishing in. Regionally developed by our national Matzuo® pro staff to ensure that you have the correct rig configuration for your specific application...all with matzuo hooks. (Rigs coming soon)

Matzuo Bottom Bouncers


Bottom Bouncer issues have officially been solved… Matzuo® introduces the first ever Stand Up Floating Bottom Bouncer and the Fast Slide Clip Bouncer, two of the most innovative concepts in bottom bouncer fishing!

Matzuo Swivels


Super-strong, premium stainless steel swivels offer ultra-smoooth rotation making line twist a thing of the past.